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As a former single mother, I know how it feels to juggle the stress of parenthood with being your household’s sole provider. I understand the feelings of being abandoned and knowing that the world views you differently even though you’re simply doing your best to navigate life’s difficult situations.

However, I am also fortunate to know what it feels like to overcome those struggles to find true purpose and passion in life and motherhood.

My name is Andrea Oliver, and I’m the founder of Remember Rubies. Inspired by Proverbs 31:10, Remember Rubies is a platform dedicated to reminding women from all walks of life that they are more precious than rubies and deserve to be seen.

Motherhood can be a lonely journey, especially as a single parent or stay-at-home mom. As mothers, we want to be the best parents possible while also working hard to support our little ones. Unfortunately, our situations often come with compromises we wish we didn’t have to make, like the time we have to give up spending with our kids in order to make deadlines and shifts.

As mothers, our challenges can also lead us astray from our divine purpose as we focus our energy on the demands and tasks we must face each day. Despite each of us having our own unique talents and gifts, it’s easy to succumb to the belief that we have nothing to offer due to our circumstances.

That’s why I created Remember Rubies; This platform will serve as a space for mothers to rediscover their passions, find their voice, and find support from other women seeking personal and professional growth.

Remember Rubies aims to represent women with big dreams, empower them to share their stories & talents, and help them develop deepened relationships with themselves through finding their purpose. By discovering how to create a side gig that fits into their busy schedule, they can begin to explore their passions, hone their skills, and generate an income just by doing the things they love!

Whether it’s decorating, smart shopping, writing, storage organizing, or event planning, YOU have something to offer others, and you CAN create something that’s all your own.

Remember Rubies wants to help women develop and grow their side gigs by offering free promotion of their businesses through our official website and social media platforms. Let’s Represent, Empower and Develop (RED) together!



Founder of Remember Rubies


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